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About Nick

Nick Pinto, a community leader has dedicated his life to helping his neighbours and friends. He is an outstanding community leader and grassroots organizer. He has gained widespread respect for his dedication to uplifting workings families and communities.

Nick earned the support and trust of the diverse residents in west Woodbridge and surrounding communities, by leading the fight to halt the building of a 970 megawatt gas generating plant at Highway 27 and Medallion Boulevard - today home to WalMart Superstore, effectively reduced a 17-storey condominium building at Highway 7 and Kipling Avenue, influential in acquiring the outdoor skating rink at the Father Bulfon Community Centre, and instrumental in the expansion of the Father Bulfon Community Centre.

Nick Pinto is a driven community activist and impassioned advocate, who builds alliances with everyone, fights for issues that affect our quality of life, and makes communities stronger.

Over the years, Nick has been involved in the community in many different ways. He is the President of The Woodbridge Woodbridge Homeowners Association, Inc., and a Director of the Vaughan Food Bank. He has served as a Director and Treasurer of the Royal Canadian Legion, Mackenzie Branch 414. He also served as a member of The Community Action Committee between the City of Vaughan and York Regional Police, the City of Vaughan's Committee of Adjustments, Court of Revision for the City of Vaughan, member of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario to the License Appeal Tribunal of Ontario, member of the Province of Ontario Advisory Committee for the Greenbelt Lands, Deputy Chair of the Woodbridge Core Committee, and founding member of Voter's Voice Vaughan and the West Woodbridge Benevolent Society.

Nick has forced politicians to be accountable to their residents, and ensured that the needs and concerns of all residents are met. His efforts have brought greater attention to the need for fiscal managements and accountability. The resultant impact has enhanced the quality of life of Vaughan residents, found solutions for those who needed help, and has inspired and changed the lives of many.

Nick continues to serve and support the residents of Vaughan. He believes that working through the crisis we face today is no time for a career politician's political ambition or wishful thinking. This is the time to get real. Our future requires straight talk, honesty, leadership, and the ability to get things done. That is Nick’s commitment to you.

Nick lives in Vaughan, with his wife Connie where he raised his children, and remains active in his community.

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I am not a professional politician, but a fighter and advocate for our kids, grandchildren, seniors, parents, neighbours and working families, who will do the right thing for the residents of Vaughan to secure a better quality of life.
~ Nick Pinto

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